Dream Log

Dream I was on a huge cruise ship with Jax and some people I knew. But we were being chased by some military. Jax and I found a spot where we could hide and see what was going on at the same time. The boat moved pretty fast and we ended up at a mountain of fish that we couldn’t get through a weed forest in the water. This dream felt so real. For some reason this all had to do with Donald trump


Dream Log November 28th, 2017

Dream I was in the woods with a bunch of people and we were all sharing a tent trailer. I saw a moose down the road and some grizzly bears and kept trying to fix the tent trailer. And block off the part of the road were they were coming from. There was a woman that showed up with a black sword with red writing on it. We were then in a stadium or university campus and I remember trying to find an exit. Chelsea and Jackie were there same with Jaxon. I remember running up and down staircases with all these people in a panic because there were men with guns at every exit. This Asian woman with the black sword was torturing me from seeing my son again. I get split up from chelsea and Jackie and Jax and I remember searching through all of these peopl. I got a text from Chelsea saying they were in the icu in the medical wing.

Dream Log December 9th, 2017

Dream felt like a continuous movie. Kelly, Jax, and I were running from zombies, we found this white church that was beside a gas station. We went in and inspected it to make sure there were no zombies, or ways for them to get in. Kelly went to sleep, I explored the basement and found some toys Jax could play with. In the courtyard there was an room for an infirmary. In the morning there was an old guy in the back yard trying to get in the church but I locked him out thinking he was a zombie. But then he pulled out a knife that had a tiny little gun attached to it so I let him in and explained our situation. He welcomed us to stay. I remember closing blinds and finding old wrestling helmets in the closet. We went out somewhere and came back and a tundra truck was sitting outside that they said I can have to drive around it was orange or yellow.

Dream Log December 14th, 2017

Dream I was at a government building of some kind and there were men and women there. It felt like they were soldiers of some kind and this place was by a forest or lake. There were rooms there for people like dorms. I was going around telling people they did not have to listen to these old fucked up washed up men anymore. One of them was overweight and had glasses and brown hair. I remember saying some really clever things to this man in a room full of women and the women all started singing with me the hallelujah song to this guy and freaked him out enough that he left the building. I go out to the parking lot and couldn’t find my car, I forgot there were 2 hour parking signs so my car got taken underground by a tow truck. The security lady gave me her clearance badge to release my car.

Dream Log December 26th, 2017

Dream that I was near my moms house and I looked out the back window and could see giant shadows of what looked like dinosaurs or giant pelicans. The shadows started to head in our direction and people were panicking so I grabbed a bunch of clothes and other stuff in my camo fox bag and another bag and Jax and I followed the crowd to these giant carrier boats that were docked. To get to the boats the dock was broken so we had to walk through the shallows of coral to get inside. A guy was helping me and Jaxon get there. Once on the boat I realized I left my phone and had found an older phone that wasn’t working. I asked to use someone’s to call kelly and they said theirs didn’t work either. There was this deep sense of sadness I felt. Later on in the dream I couldn’t find Jaxon either and searched for him. There was no army guys around and then I ran into a fat security guard who was trying to hit on me. My bra was out on the table behind me and he said he didn’t know where my son was.

The Force of the Divine working with the moon

There is a divine force at work today, there will be synchronicity’s that seem too good to be true and this could come up as doubt. This divine intelligence works with the unconscious mind continuously, and this can bring up past thoughts and old fears that hinder growth. This is a new beginning bringing the cause and effect of your creativity and adventures to come, to be woven into the web of creation and amplified by the moon. We are now given the chance to grow, blossom and shine into a new existence of success within the souls expansion of what is possible. Welcome to the lions gate! Peace, love! Namaste! ❤️✌️🙏

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Transformation of intuition

IMG_3208.JPGTransformation of our intuition is becoming the wisdom and education that our souls and spirits need in order to bring ideas, creativity, and success forward. Patience at this time is required to ensure it is your own divine authority at work to establish the values that we want to uphold.