Sound of your truth

Take it in
The sound of your truth
Let’s begin
This path to take us through

Through the pain
Of that first love
On a journey of
The eagle above

The heat of those moments
You want to forever stay
Make no mistake
They will take your mind away
To a place where we find bliss in an abyss of tricks

Take a look in the mirror
Is this who you want to be
Do you see how you can be free
Sing a song of love
Love can be freedom
Love can be truth


Heart of Being

TO the Heart of Being
Surfing through the brain train
I see a familiar face
I’m not sure why
Because I have never met him in this life before, but then again have I ?
I’ve searched and dived
Into waters and waves of
Unconscious thoughts and feelings
Some slightly alive but always fleeting
But one summers day
I came across a man
His voice so calming
His words ring true
What is this new sense of fuel
He emits inside my soul
Why am I filled with the sense of bliss.
How is it that someone so far away feels so close?
We barely speak but I feel his story
Where is this leading my heart
I’m a bit afraid of what will come if I act on this feeling
But somehow I know it will be freeing
Take it what you will this is not a love poem.
It’s a dip into the waters of my aetheric soul.
That past life of crazy desire and lust
Is something I need to tame
It’s like a never ending dream of hurt and pain
I see my partner avatar in this man before me
But I am with the other and it’s something that just cannot be
These thoughts race through my mind
As if sometimes they are not mine
Why do I feel confined if I have the same oversoul here
Is my emptiness ever going to be explained?
Will I just have to be retrained?
I hope you know how this all lays heavy on my heart.

Poem of healing

Take out this dagger in me
Allow my soul to fly free
I’m not some cattle
You poke and prod
I’m a spiritual being
Here to sing my song
I’m bored with the news
I’m tired of all the hate
I’m sick of all the lies
And no I am not a saint
I am real I am sovereign
May the spiral of love
Encompass all hearts with compassion and centre
It isn’t up to me to tell you what to do
But a destiny to see my own life through
Many points of eyes
And seeing the divine in many faces
The aether is flowing
With intentions of healing
You have to know this sense of feeling
If you don’t want to feel your soul fleeting
No more ego no more judgement
I’m taking my life back
With an everlasting stance
Taken with a chance
That I may not advance
But my belief is that there is something more
Beyond our beautiful multicoloured star gem
I can sense that calm and peace
We all want and desire
The trick is, do you know the fire?
The fire that burns deep
Igniting that flame of pain
But out of that insane game
Came a sort of rain
That fell upon my being
And washed away all the fear and doubts
I started to wonder
Did I just heal myself?