So this is just going to be a little update and reflection of my path, thus far. Lately Ive been doing all kinds of growth within my spirit and soul. I’m playing soccer again, trying to be more healthy in general. Ive been beading, painting, singing, and practicing my card readings. I would love to dance a little more and just let all this pent up energy be released and cleared for my highest purpose to be revealed to me. When walking this spiritual path of learning to love myself and healing the mental, aetheric, and physical body. It becomes scattered and all over the place, but that is the whole fun of it, is getting lost in your own being and discovering things about yourself that you never thought you would do again or even consider taking on as a passion. When we learn to be in Joy with the things we love to do the time fly’s, our auras brighten, our skin becomes clearer and more vibrant to people. Our words come out in a soothing manner, our thoughts become more heart based and centered. Overall I have learned that being ignorant and negative only creates more blockages for my spirit, and causes discord and uncertainty in our mind that we ultimately don’t need to be in, the social economic world around us creates enough confusion and distraction that if we do not trust what is inside of us, and where we find our “happy place,” then we miss out on growing into a more compassionate and fulfilled being of light. Do not fear what you do not understand because there just may be a tiny light waiting to be discovered within the darkness.


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Spirited soul of Love

I am a 27 year old stay at home mom, I live in Canada and I have been interested in the paranormal my whole life. I found out I was a psychic back in 2012 and started reading tarot and oracle cards as a hobby, I then realized I could really see a different world within our own that we had never been told about or experience because humans have been closed off from information and forced into organized religions that do not allow exploration of other worlds and parallel dimensions. On my blog I will be sharing paranormal moments I have had, synchronicity events, tarot and oracle readings, beautiful moments I have shared with wonderful people and time captures of reoccurring numbers. There is so much I am interested in and I want the chance to share with all who seek this type of blog and journey.

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