Dream Log December 26th, 2017

Dream that I was near my moms house and I looked out the back window and could see giant shadows of what looked like dinosaurs or giant pelicans. The shadows started to head in our direction and people were panicking so I grabbed a bunch of clothes and other stuff in my camo fox bag and another bag and Jax and I followed the crowd to these giant carrier boats that were docked. To get to the boats the dock was broken so we had to walk through the shallows of coral to get inside. A guy was helping me and Jaxon get there. Once on the boat I realized I left my phone and had found an older phone that wasn’t working. I asked to use someone’s to call kelly and they said theirs didn’t work either. There was this deep sense of sadness I felt. Later on in the dream I couldn’t find Jaxon either and searched for him. There was no army guys around and then I ran into a fat security guard who was trying to hit on me. My bra was out on the table behind me and he said he didn’t know where my son was.


Published by

Spirited soul of Love

I am a 27 year old stay at home mom, I live in Canada and I have been interested in the paranormal my whole life. I found out I was a psychic back in 2012 and started reading tarot and oracle cards as a hobby, I then realized I could really see a different world within our own that we had never been told about or experience because humans have been closed off from information and forced into organized religions that do not allow exploration of other worlds and parallel dimensions. On my blog I will be sharing paranormal moments I have had, synchronicity events, tarot and oracle readings, beautiful moments I have shared with wonderful people and time captures of reoccurring numbers. There is so much I am interested in and I want the chance to share with all who seek this type of blog and journey.

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