Dream Log Sept 28th/2016

Last night I had a dream I was setting up a shop and there was this one old big antique golden ornament thing had a part you can take off the top. I remember someone walking by the front of the shop and stepping on a toy and then stumbled. I also remember seeing a basement with these large pipes and I was about to fall forward but my shirt got caught on something to the right of me. Then I was flying around and came up to this weird looking square looking building and then I’m flying around and end up at a big pool. 


Dream Log Sept 20th, 2016

Last night I had a dream of a circular Craft with clouds around it, in the sky I remember approaching a really Bright but translucent light underneath it and I lost control of my car when I was under it. My car crashes and then I am in a building with a bunch of panicking people.  

Past Dream Feb 2016

I think this was around winter still and in this dream my son and I were taken onto a ship and I remember it was long like the hull of a plane but when we got in it took almost no time to be on what it seemed like a different planet. The sky was red in colour and I think there was smoke in the back ground, buildings were toppled over, cement was covered in vines. We go into this building that looked like an old hotel. I end up getting separated from my son and   I walk into this hotel room but in this room was a huge cylinder shaped set up with all these computers and monitors. I look at one of the monitors and the picture on it was what I was seeing between my eyes. I turn my head to the right and there is a person with a head of a cat, but had long blonde hair like humans on the top of its head and was even done nicely, she had big yellow eyes and spoke to me telepathically, she said we’ve been watching you because we don’t know how you do what you do. I then was like woah, I knew it. I then started panicking and asked where my son was. I searched up and down the hotel screaming in panic, I then found him in a line of other kids and they were having fun together, my son didn’t seem scared. Then I woke up. 

Dream Log Sept 18th, 2016

Last night I had a dream I was in a snow cave that I had built and there was a polar bear that was trying to get in. Later on I was being chased by these skinny neck raptor looking creatures that would glow purple and blue lights from them. There was way more to the dream but I really can’t remember at the moment. 

7 Day Reading Sept 19th-25th, 2016

Monday Sept 19th, 2016 1. Three of pentacles-recognition 

2. The eyes of beauty-positive expectations, clarity 

3. Page of stones-duty vs obligation (unexpected help, volunteerism, selflessness) 
Tuesday Sept 20th, 2016 

1. Seven of pentacles-potential 

2. The lady of the gift-generosity

3. 6 of stones-aid and assistance (accepting aid, graciousness, lending a hand) 
Weds sept 21st, 2016 

1. Page of swords-Gossip

2. Rainbow Prince-compensation, perseverance, 

3. 9 of swords-shock and surprise (variance, transformation, disappointment)
Thursday sept 22nd 2016 

1. Eight of cups-change 

2. The metal king-discipline, armor, boundaries

3. 3 of stones-effort and approval (contracts, critics, critiques) 
Friday sept 23rd 

1. Queen of cups-sensitivity 

2. Gaia’s Garden-fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

3. lovers-romance and choice (passion, partnership, love, dating, courtship, attraction, commitment, unity) 
Saturday sept 24 2016 

1. Five of wands-competition 

2. Web weaver-synchronicity, divine intelligence, cause and effect

3.chariot- fame and momentum (progress, achievement, reputation, swiftness,efficiency, momentum) 
Sunday sept 25th 2016 

1. Knight of cups- proposals 

2. The Sun Dancers- joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance 

3. 10 of cauldrons-home and family (joy, completion, giving thanks) 

Past Dream #7

I was underwater and there were kids stuck in these underwater holding cells along the bottom of the Ocean. Then these swamp monster looking creatures emerged from the darkness on these underwater scooter things and went up to these children them through the windows of these cells and started sucking out what looked like their chi or energy or souls. 

Past Dream #6

I was outside of earths atmosphere looking down at earth. There were 2 satellites on both sides of me orbiting the earth. One of them had a blue laser trailing behind one and the other had a red laser trailing behind it going in opposite directions. I heard a voice say one was the past and the other was the future and these satellites were measuring timelines.