Transformation of intuition

IMG_3208.JPGTransformation of our intuition is becoming the wisdom and education that our souls and spirits need in order to bring ideas, creativity, and success forward. Patience at this time is required to ensure it is your own divine authority at work to establish the values that we want to uphold.


Past, Present, Future May 22nd, 2017

Top Row (Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle)

Past: The Queen of the Light (illumination, enlightenment, celebration) 15

Present: The High Lord of gratitude and Service (selflessness, humility, conscious action) 2

Future: The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift) 35

Middle Row: Celtic Faeries Tarot

Past: x World (Regeneration, success, completion, celebration, beginnings, travel, motivation, renewal)

Present: 3 of Cauldrons (Reunion, celebration, friendship, healing, fun, flirtation, indulgence, creativity)

Future:X1X Sun (growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment)

Bottom Row: Oceanic Tarot

Past: Two of Cups (Partnership, soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union)

Present: King of Cups (Understanding, fairness, empathy, sensitivity, loyalty, maturity, commitment, honor)

Future: X1 Strength (Stability, courage, patience, endurance, risk, balance, opposition, vitality)

Our past partnerships will be celebrated and embraced when the light is brought upon the world for all souls to be given the chance to have their soul mate appear from the depths of our being. Sometimes our soul mates can end up being the people we never expected them to be. You know deep in your heart that you have had a past life with this person and it was meant to be so you can grow, blossom and shine. He the keeper of the world supports the divine feminine in all ways and he knows his worth in the scheme of things too. The Faerie King stands guard and fights off any instability that the goddess maybe feeling, she then is able to spread her truth in the most enlightening way possible and this triggers the Divine Masculine to accompany and create as equals, bringing balance to the relationship. Their combined power of Love and partnership ignites change in the hearts of the soul families, bringing back clarity to this feeling of uncertainty.

Currently there is a sense of celebration to be had in the upper realms and the earthly realms. The high lord sees the worth in every action and non action, life in all things, he sits with a smile on his face feeling grateful for the life he has been given and the wisdom he can pass on. A union with the soul and the spirit seems to be merging at a steady pace. this is a great time to be creative and start letting life flow with your passions and with what you love to do. Make connections and try to understand everyone’s point of view which will place you in a better perspective in the whole scheme of things. Make a commitment to love and all the forms love can take when we are able to love ourselves from a non-judgemental point of view. There is so much to be thankful for and your loyalty to loving brings honor to your soul in so many ways.

So much power will be accomplished in the near future, there is a huge change about to happen and I think this will have to do with Solar Energy and surprising the world with technology that will stabilize the human way of life into a more nature friendly economy. This change has taken patience from a lot of souls, but now its as if there is a sudden atmospheric weight lifted off the earth and a feeling of protection is close by. Your courage to stand firm in the midst of chaos and not giving into the fear and doubt has made growth on many levels. Vitality is achieved once you accept there is Joy for all just around the corner.

Water Poem

Water o water 

How you amaze my soul

You morph and change just

Like a butterfly 

Going from liquid to gas 

You make it last 

So ancient yet so pure 

Your mystery is so obscure

You make it your mission 

To flow with your rhythm 

Your colours are divine and murky at the same time

Your magic within 

Keeps me alive 

You taste so perfect 

And wash away lies

From the inside

So take a dive into the blue

You will see that inner truth. 

Sunday April 9th, 2017 Oracle and Tarot Energy reading 

The Oracle; the Queen of light ( illumination, enlightenment, celebration)
🦄My interpretation🌠
Divine synchronicity is happening right now in this moment it brings the enlightenment of all beings into a joyous celebration of being alive she wants me to see the beauty in the tiny details in order for those tiny details to be brought back to its source. What this means to me is that if I hadn’t looked at myself and dismantled the parts of me that made sense as to who I am, like the meaning behind my name for instance. I led myself to a resonating thought pattern that appears like magic and when you put the thoughts and the experience together it makes a fifth dimensional way of thinking. No one can ever understand this for you because these magical moments are so divinely engrained in our DNA and memories. Sometimes the TV shows or movies I watch are extremely intense on an emotional level, the YouTube videos I watch or listen to become divinely matched up with my thoughts or with what I am doing at the time. They cut deep into me in the most beautiful ways and sometimes the most disturbing ways. bi feel that because I am a Libra, with a Libra sun and a Virgo moon that my DNA is set up in such a way that the fiery Virgo energy that gets things done pushes me inside to make a spontaneous decision here and there and overriding my indecisiveness and doubt about whether my thoughts or decisions are in the right place to be presented. As I am writing this I am discovering these traits an inner wisdom as I write so I guess you can say this is a pure channel from my higher self.  
Oracle Deck Book 
In the book for the Oracle the Queen of the light is a beautiful Ally and comes into your life to Harold success in all your ventures she illuminates the most important steps on your path reminds you of your own brilliance you’re intelligent and inspired, and all your needs will be met. Remember that you’re the instrument of the divine shining through you in this world. You’re on the correct path for your highest good. The queen also brings you insight into how you manifest your reality in the most miraculous ways. She promises that you’ll be shown the next right action and celebrate you as you stand brilliant, joyful, and enlightened in the present time. You’ve worked hard to come this far you can be proud to stand tall in your conviction that in your heart of hearts you know the truth of your situation. Rewards for your perseverance and will in guest to learn on their way gratitude and acceptance our key today. 

Description from The wisdom of the Hidden realms Oracle Deck (Colette Baron Reid)
Celtic Faeries Tarot: 8 of Spears 

My interpretation 

Senses of confusion and uncertainty or emanating from the scout fairies they look like they are searching for something. Something that could change their lives. It’s looking for the light and all the spots where it could be hiding. Sometimes the chaos of it all ends up being a blessings in disguise’s. When we surrender and not let our thoughts take over our sense of the truth of who you are, which is divine love, your soul starts to piece itself back together. 
In the Oceanic Tarot Book:
This card can also mean travel, all aspects of your life, from love to family, work to creative projects speed up under the influence of this eight. Delays are done with as decisions are made, where does turn into actions, projects and travel plans fire up, and you find yourself feeling more calls, emails, social engagements, and meetings than ever before. This is an exciting , If Be-Willdering time when everything happens at once. You’ll be in constant demand. Advice: take a breath before saying yes to all offers choose carefully and you won’t waste energy or time running in circles. Keywords here (communication, speed, news, motivation, action, excitement, movement)

Description from the Oceanic Tarot book (Jayne Wallace) 
Oceanic tarot: The Chariot 

My interpretation

This card has come up in my decks a lot lately, and Life has truly been very fast-moving. Days go by, just like that; Now that my creative pathways have been clearing, I’ve been opening up more activity as I become more honest with myself, and how I have been seeing my own transformation. There has been movement on all aspects of life which is the prelude to this libra full moon approaching on 11th of April the chariot wants to get us to our exciting destination of inner peace and balance in all aspects of the light that we all shine individually, and also collectively. 

Oceanic Tarot Description

The card says the Charioteer is the travelling warrior of the taro. He hold the Trident to guide him on his journey and the two seahorses carry him forward. He needs only one hand on the reins to control their direction. His willpower and determination propel him on word and keep his chariot moving in the right direction. His willpower and determination propel him on word and keep his chariot moving in the right direction. It is seashell chariot, he is protected, the shell also symbolizes his personality, or the outer person he shows to the world. The meaning of this card is movement. It’s time to make serious progress. Travel is favoured now, as our moves connected with work the card is also a general sign that every aspect of your life will surge forward. however, balance is necessary and you may need to treat people around you with care, as this is a card of energy rather than sensitivity. The card reveals that good timing and being aware of your ego will be essential if you are to keep your show on the road. And additional meaning of the card is acquiring a new car or other vehicle. Advice it’s time to actively move forward with your plans keep that ego in check when you need to enjoy this time of power and motivation.

Description from the Oceanic Tarot book (Jayne Wallace)

Check out the YouTube Audio for this reading in the link below.

The Ocean needs our help

As a child I have always loved the ocean and the beautiful mysterious creatures that inhabits the deep blue. At the age of 7 I became extremely curious about whales, dolphins and sharks. There was something about these creatures that resonated with me on a level I cannot explain, even to this day. I remember when I was in elementary school I had such a passion for it that I had convinced my teacher to teach a subject on ocean animals. I was obsessed with the movie the Little Mermaid as a child too. I’ve had many dreams of being near or in or above water. To me this is a clear indication my soul is gravitating towards my purpose. 

Yesterday, I watched a video, here is the link.

When I was finished watching this video I was filled with so much anger and frustration and sadness all at once, typically I don’t allow myself to feel those feelings by avoiding the negative problems in the world, but this was different, this was a realization that a creature like a dolphin which I consider an Angel of the ocean, decides to commit suicide. That statement in itself shouldn’t ever be a reality, but many of these gentle giants of our seas are doing this to make a statement. The statement is heartbreaking that they are beaching themselves to end there poisonous lives that we have created in our oceans. Plastic to the nines, sonic wave testing that is blowing the whales brains out, oil being spilled, our shit being put in there, bodies, and more chemicals from our cleaning products. We are literally giving the ocean cancer, why don’t people care? Why are we all so ignorant that the blood of our earth is tainted in death. I cannot sit here and do nothing anymore because I hear these animals cries in my dreams and in my thoughts. It’s unacceptable anymore and there has to be a better way. Stop the wars, stop making guns, stop making products that do not help the greater good. These animals need our help, I fear they have had enough torture in the whale collective that they gave up on the humanity of humans. I for one have not lost that humanity, that love for the beauty and intelligence of these creatures. There is so much we can still learn from them and still the United States continues to lead the rest of the world into ruin and Chaos because there is not humanity left in America government and the shadow behind it. They only seek to hurt and kill for their material gain, and in the end care about nothing and no one other than themselves. 

Do you know how close science is to communicating with a Dolphin? Pretty damn close, do you know how amazing it would be to openly communicate with a dolphin and have it talk to you. We could explore so much more of our oceans and its secrets that have been lost in time with dolphins. And not hold them against their free will but them help us out of the curiosity we both share as a sentient beings. Now I know what you are probably thingking right now, who does this person think she is? She doesn’t have a degree in marine biology or any science degree, how does this have anything to do with anything. And I say it has everything to with the evolution of our species and along with dolphins evolution. I won’t get into detail at the moment but I want those of you, who have read this to look up the key points of this article that might have resonated with you. From there the flow of the astral ether will take you where you need to be.