Sound of your truth

Take it in
The sound of your truth
Let’s begin
This path to take us through

Through the pain
Of that first love
On a journey of
The eagle above

The heat of those moments
You want to forever stay
Make no mistake
They will take your mind away
To a place where we find bliss in an abyss of tricks

Take a look in the mirror
Is this who you want to be
Do you see how you can be free
Sing a song of love
Love can be freedom
Love can be truth


Dream Log October 1st 2016

Had a dream last night I was in these cabins above the ground, in this valley looking place there was a forest when you go up the mountain. I felt like I had this similar dream in a similar place. I remember seeing Lauren with her new baby. I remember a door opening up and a a bunch of girls came out wearin sexy green and black but they looked like teenage girls. Then out of no where someone yells that there is a cougar in the area and I remember hearing it growl. Then My son starts running down the hill and i drop everything to grab him before this cougar does. 

Dream Log Sept 28th/2016

Last night I had a dream I was setting up a shop and there was this one old big antique golden ornament thing had a part you can take off the top. I remember someone walking by the front of the shop and stepping on a toy and then stumbled. I also remember seeing a basement with these large pipes and I was about to fall forward but my shirt got caught on something to the right of me. Then I was flying around and came up to this weird looking square looking building and then I’m flying around and end up at a big pool. 

Past Dream #11

I was in a building with huge bay windows that could withstand the ocean Waves. My step father was there with me and we are looking out into the distance, the sky was greyish, dark blue and out of the clouds was an etherized looking cloud streaming down from the darker clouds. I look to my step dad and say what is that? What’s happening? Then he says something like “it’s as if the angels are coming down from heaven” then I woke up from the dream after that. 

Past Dream #10

I was in a deflated raft with my boyfriend and a great white shark kept leaping out of the water around us, I remember panicking and feeling it rub up against my leg, my boyfriend in the dream was all calm and told me not to worry. We row to show of this mountain face and dock inside this mountain opening that was just at the surface of the ocean and mountain. We go inside and see all these guys in lab coats pulled out these huge steel really cold looking containment containers that had weird looking fish and creatures. We were then sitting in this metal sitting area and these scientists saw us and weren’t bothered by us. So we then had to choose people to do something with us out of the other people that were in the Dream too. 

Dream Log Sept 20th, 2016

Last night I had a dream of a circular Craft with clouds around it, in the sky I remember approaching a really Bright but translucent light underneath it and I lost control of my car when I was under it. My car crashes and then I am in a building with a bunch of panicking people.  

Past Dream Feb 2016

I think this was around winter still and in this dream my son and I were taken onto a ship and I remember it was long like the hull of a plane but when we got in it took almost no time to be on what it seemed like a different planet. The sky was red in colour and I think there was smoke in the back ground, buildings were toppled over, cement was covered in vines. We go into this building that looked like an old hotel. I end up getting separated from my son and   I walk into this hotel room but in this room was a huge cylinder shaped set up with all these computers and monitors. I look at one of the monitors and the picture on it was what I was seeing between my eyes. I turn my head to the right and there is a person with a head of a cat, but had long blonde hair like humans on the top of its head and was even done nicely, she had big yellow eyes and spoke to me telepathically, she said we’ve been watching you because we don’t know how you do what you do. I then was like woah, I knew it. I then started panicking and asked where my son was. I searched up and down the hotel screaming in panic, I then found him in a line of other kids and they were having fun together, my son didn’t seem scared. Then I woke up.