Transformation of intuition

IMG_3208.JPGTransformation of our intuition is becoming the wisdom and education that our souls and spirits need in order to bring ideas, creativity, and success forward. Patience at this time is required to ensure it is your own divine authority at work to establish the values that we want to uphold.


Past, Present, Future May 22nd, 2017

Top Row (Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle)

Past: The Queen of the Light (illumination, enlightenment, celebration) 15

Present: The High Lord of gratitude and Service (selflessness, humility, conscious action) 2

Future: The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift) 35

Middle Row: Celtic Faeries Tarot

Past: x World (Regeneration, success, completion, celebration, beginnings, travel, motivation, renewal)

Present: 3 of Cauldrons (Reunion, celebration, friendship, healing, fun, flirtation, indulgence, creativity)

Future:X1X Sun (growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment)

Bottom Row: Oceanic Tarot

Past: Two of Cups (Partnership, soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union)

Present: King of Cups (Understanding, fairness, empathy, sensitivity, loyalty, maturity, commitment, honor)

Future: X1 Strength (Stability, courage, patience, endurance, risk, balance, opposition, vitality)

Our past partnerships will be celebrated and embraced when the light is brought upon the world for all souls to be given the chance to have their soul mate appear from the depths of our being. Sometimes our soul mates can end up being the people we never expected them to be. You know deep in your heart that you have had a past life with this person and it was meant to be so you can grow, blossom and shine. He the keeper of the world supports the divine feminine in all ways and he knows his worth in the scheme of things too. The Faerie King stands guard and fights off any instability that the goddess maybe feeling, she then is able to spread her truth in the most enlightening way possible and this triggers the Divine Masculine to accompany and create as equals, bringing balance to the relationship. Their combined power of Love and partnership ignites change in the hearts of the soul families, bringing back clarity to this feeling of uncertainty.

Currently there is a sense of celebration to be had in the upper realms and the earthly realms. The high lord sees the worth in every action and non action, life in all things, he sits with a smile on his face feeling grateful for the life he has been given and the wisdom he can pass on. A union with the soul and the spirit seems to be merging at a steady pace. this is a great time to be creative and start letting life flow with your passions and with what you love to do. Make connections and try to understand everyone’s point of view which will place you in a better perspective in the whole scheme of things. Make a commitment to love and all the forms love can take when we are able to love ourselves from a non-judgemental point of view. There is so much to be thankful for and your loyalty to loving brings honor to your soul in so many ways.

So much power will be accomplished in the near future, there is a huge change about to happen and I think this will have to do with Solar Energy and surprising the world with technology that will stabilize the human way of life into a more nature friendly economy. This change has taken patience from a lot of souls, but now its as if there is a sudden atmospheric weight lifted off the earth and a feeling of protection is close by. Your courage to stand firm in the midst of chaos and not giving into the fear and doubt has made growth on many levels. Vitality is achieved once you accept there is Joy for all just around the corner.

April 12th, 2017

Oracle: Lady of Lightning 

The purple colour in the Lady of light stands out most to me in this reading signalling that this is the colour of our crown chakra and this represents a higher power or knowing about something this could mean making drastic and positive changes. 

In the Wisdom of the hidden realms Oracle book it says:

As an ally the lady of lightning brings powerful forces of change into your life she tell you to expect a sudden shift in your circumstances. Perhaps the situation you were Dentist repeating arises and offers you the opportunity of a lifetime, or a series of ha ha moments culminates in a pivotal flash of insight causing everything to change just like that. Maybe someone enters your lifeand pushes you to new heights. You may have a brilliant idea that hits you like lightning. Be prepared change is imminent, and a total paradigm shift may be upon you. Don’t resist something you want to fight. Great things are happening when the lady of lightning appears.

Celtic Faeries Tarot: Queen of Stones 

Before pulling this card I saw it in my third eye first. I mainly saw the green hair which when I pulled it over I then had a thought that three women would appear in the carts. When I look at this card I get this feeling of myself in the cart the wild naked woman inside of me wanting to break free of my restraints. she knows the beauty that she emanates and that she knows she makes people happy but she still seem sad that she can’t leave the castle walls. 

Meaning of this card: Kindness 

This affectionate, generous woman is the Weise helper we all want in our lives. A lover of nature, home, and family she is practical and down to earth. As the U card in the reading this queen shows you that now is the time to focus on key tasks, and spend money wisely. And additional meaning is that an influential woman at work support your career.

Oceanic Tarot: Queen of Cups

So to my surprise that third woman showed up when I pulled this last card and she gave me an overwhelming sense of security in my abilities of doing this type of divination and that it is very clear that I am a clairvoyant to say the least. 

This card means sensitivity is queen is the queen of hearts a sensitive compassionate woman who is gentle toward her friends and openly loving toward her family and partner. She offers loyalty, inspiration, and creativity, so your projects will thrive too. As the U card into reading this queen shows you that now is the time to focus on relationships, children, and sharing with friends. 


Tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide. 

Additional note: I cannot agree enough how much this is true for me and how it has been my beak into words my inner light and my abilities to shine through in my writing and in my Tarot and in my oracle cards. Every day is so interesting when I do my readings and it brings me to that sense of having unknown knowledge of our inner realms of the worlds inside and around us. 

7 Day Reading Sept 19th-25th, 2016

Monday Sept 19th, 2016 1. Three of pentacles-recognition 

2. The eyes of beauty-positive expectations, clarity 

3. Page of stones-duty vs obligation (unexpected help, volunteerism, selflessness) 
Tuesday Sept 20th, 2016 

1. Seven of pentacles-potential 

2. The lady of the gift-generosity

3. 6 of stones-aid and assistance (accepting aid, graciousness, lending a hand) 
Weds sept 21st, 2016 

1. Page of swords-Gossip

2. Rainbow Prince-compensation, perseverance, 

3. 9 of swords-shock and surprise (variance, transformation, disappointment)
Thursday sept 22nd 2016 

1. Eight of cups-change 

2. The metal king-discipline, armor, boundaries

3. 3 of stones-effort and approval (contracts, critics, critiques) 
Friday sept 23rd 

1. Queen of cups-sensitivity 

2. Gaia’s Garden-fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

3. lovers-romance and choice (passion, partnership, love, dating, courtship, attraction, commitment, unity) 
Saturday sept 24 2016 

1. Five of wands-competition 

2. Web weaver-synchronicity, divine intelligence, cause and effect

3.chariot- fame and momentum (progress, achievement, reputation, swiftness,efficiency, momentum) 
Sunday sept 25th 2016 

1. Knight of cups- proposals 

2. The Sun Dancers- joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance 

3. 10 of cauldrons-home and family (joy, completion, giving thanks) 

September 12th-17th 7 Day Energies Reading

Monday Sept 12th : 1.King of Stones #hardiness vs #prosperity (#possession, #excesses, #rewards) 

2. Four of Wands: #reward

3. The #high #Lord of #gratitude and #service (#selflessness, #humility, #conscious #action) 
Tuesday Sept 13th, 2016 

1. Priestess: #intuition and #reflection (#thoughtfulness, #reflection, #stillness, #secrecy, #passivity, #purity, #waitandsee 

2. Five of Pentacles: #abandonment 

3. The lady of Lightning: #surprises, #sometimes #shock, #totalparadigmshift #paradigmshift 
Wednesday Sept 14th, 2016

1. Three of stones: #effort and #approval (#contracts, #critics, #critiques) 

2. The #World: #regeneration 

3. The #Phoenix: #resurrection, #surrendertochange 
Thursday Sept 15th, 2016

1. Five of Cauldrons: #loss and #regret ( #upset, #dejection, #obsessions) 

2. King of Wands: #practicality 

3. The Resting Tree: #patience, #stillness.
Friday Sept 16th, 2016 

1. Ten of Swords: #finality and #consequences (# justification, #results, #aftermath) 

2. The #Vortex: #temptation 

3. The #Dragons #Duel: #inner #conflict #morality #conscious #choice
Saturday Sept 16th, 2016

1. Ace of Stones: #ownership and #empowerment (#power, #strength,#suitability)

2. Nine of Swords: #anxiety 

3. The #Cosmos: #creativity, #vastness 
Sunday Sept 17th, 2016 

1. Ten of Stones: #greed and #attachment (#Burdens, #longterm #exhaustion #financial) 

2. #Wheel of #Fortune: #destiny 

3. The #Eyes of #Beauty: #positive #expectations #clarity