Struggle of the Star Flower Child Poem

In the autumn

A tiny lady was cut from her mothers womb

Screaming, crying and thinking

Am i here to bloom

Little girl from the stars

Not sure where she’s landed

Now in a world

Where she is stranded

Her father confused and stressed

The mother feeling betrayed

Mom Drunk and angered

Then the husband strayed

Little girl

Too young to understand

Why her mother

Was always mad

Little lady cried

While her father tried

Never knowing why

Her life felt like a lie

This little seed

Broke through the pain

Running away

Trying to stay sane

She didnt understand

Why people were suffering

This world had so much light

And then she started singing

A whole new world

She would sing with her dad

He cherished her gift

It would take away the Sad

Bouncing from mom to dad

Life didn’t seem fair

She lived her life

Always aware

Her dreams were scattered

She was lost at sea

Not knowing where to go

This wasn’t where she wanted to be

she flew from the nests

Trying not to look back

There was freedom ahead

Living on a new path

This path took her to a young man

Who lived a comfortable stable life

She soon then learned

Grass is not greener on the other side

Just a different colour or shade

She knew her life was set up

That this was a test

If her soul was strong enough

To not regress


Message from Spirit June 17th, 2017

This is a condensed version of a reading that I did with my Tarot an oracle cards today.

There is a higher being making itself known to you in this moment. The travelling I’ve done in the past on earth attracted ancient benevolent spirits to communicate and say to take action. So the past is motivating me to take these experiences as my motivation to be original and succeed in my multi dimensional art. There are specific coded messages that only I can see and understand. Abandon the negative thoughts and the negative parts of your past use your intuition to receive the wisdom properly. Angels are helping from the future. Bringing manifestation for your vision and using creativity to communicate your plans and intuition. Imagination will bring the love you have been searching for a News of finances being fulfilled  and taking care of.
Much love to whoever reads this blog post! 

Past, Present, Future May 22nd, 2017

Top Row (Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle)

Past: The Queen of the Light (illumination, enlightenment, celebration) 15

Present: The High Lord of gratitude and Service (selflessness, humility, conscious action) 2

Future: The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift) 35

Middle Row: Celtic Faeries Tarot

Past: x World (Regeneration, success, completion, celebration, beginnings, travel, motivation, renewal)

Present: 3 of Cauldrons (Reunion, celebration, friendship, healing, fun, flirtation, indulgence, creativity)

Future:X1X Sun (growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment)

Bottom Row: Oceanic Tarot

Past: Two of Cups (Partnership, soul mates, karma, love, intimacy, connection, healing, union)

Present: King of Cups (Understanding, fairness, empathy, sensitivity, loyalty, maturity, commitment, honor)

Future: X1 Strength (Stability, courage, patience, endurance, risk, balance, opposition, vitality)

Our past partnerships will be celebrated and embraced when the light is brought upon the world for all souls to be given the chance to have their soul mate appear from the depths of our being. Sometimes our soul mates can end up being the people we never expected them to be. You know deep in your heart that you have had a past life with this person and it was meant to be so you can grow, blossom and shine. He the keeper of the world supports the divine feminine in all ways and he knows his worth in the scheme of things too. The Faerie King stands guard and fights off any instability that the goddess maybe feeling, she then is able to spread her truth in the most enlightening way possible and this triggers the Divine Masculine to accompany and create as equals, bringing balance to the relationship. Their combined power of Love and partnership ignites change in the hearts of the soul families, bringing back clarity to this feeling of uncertainty.

Currently there is a sense of celebration to be had in the upper realms and the earthly realms. The high lord sees the worth in every action and non action, life in all things, he sits with a smile on his face feeling grateful for the life he has been given and the wisdom he can pass on. A union with the soul and the spirit seems to be merging at a steady pace. this is a great time to be creative and start letting life flow with your passions and with what you love to do. Make connections and try to understand everyone’s point of view which will place you in a better perspective in the whole scheme of things. Make a commitment to love and all the forms love can take when we are able to love ourselves from a non-judgemental point of view. There is so much to be thankful for and your loyalty to loving brings honor to your soul in so many ways.

So much power will be accomplished in the near future, there is a huge change about to happen and I think this will have to do with Solar Energy and surprising the world with technology that will stabilize the human way of life into a more nature friendly economy. This change has taken patience from a lot of souls, but now its as if there is a sudden atmospheric weight lifted off the earth and a feeling of protection is close by. Your courage to stand firm in the midst of chaos and not giving into the fear and doubt has made growth on many levels. Vitality is achieved once you accept there is Joy for all just around the corner.


So this is just going to be a little update and reflection of my path, thus far. Lately Ive been doing all kinds of growth within my spirit and soul. I’m playing soccer again, trying to be more healthy in general. Ive been beading, painting, singing, and practicing my card readings. I would love to dance a little more and just let all this pent up energy be released and cleared for my highest purpose to be revealed to me. When walking this spiritual path of learning to love myself and healing the mental, aetheric, and physical body. It becomes scattered and all over the place, but that is the whole fun of it, is getting lost in your own being and discovering things about yourself that you never thought you would do again or even consider taking on as a passion. When we learn to be in Joy with the things we love to do the time fly’s, our auras brighten, our skin becomes clearer and more vibrant to people. Our words come out in a soothing manner, our thoughts become more heart based and centered. Overall I have learned that being ignorant and negative only creates more blockages for my spirit, and causes discord and uncertainty in our mind that we ultimately don’t need to be in, the social economic world around us creates enough confusion and distraction that if we do not trust what is inside of us, and where we find our “happy place,” then we miss out on growing into a more compassionate and fulfilled being of light. Do not fear what you do not understand because there just may be a tiny light waiting to be discovered within the darkness.

Cosmic gift poem

Taking on a cosmic gift
The sight to see ahead
It takes a strong soul
To make that ascent
Through the portals
And zooming through dreams
I’ve taken a liking
To the serene

The natural waves
Of vibrational sounds
Bouncing off our primordial

These sounds are silent
Hard to hear and see
But they are there
Just like you and me

Respect and honour
Our mother Earth
She is our only home right now
So take care of her surf

Surfing through the liars
And thieves
Shield yourself from
Their awful misdeeds

Turn off the news
Take it to Source
Source never lies
The dark force always tries

The dark will fail
It cannot stay with pure light
It has no where to go
But disappear out of sight