Past Dream #4

I was in an old abandoned amusement park, in the middle of the area I was in was a concrete street with old buildings and dead trees everywhere. In the middle on the square I was in was a large 10 foot in diameter circle which looked like water from the ocean only it wasn’t water it was a lighter material. I think it might have been a portal. Later on I am in this boggy/swampy looking place and I remember seeing little nature Faeries but they looked more like trolls and were about a foot tall. They were leading me somewhere. I also remember being on a bridge and reaching an old house. 


Past dream with no date. #1

So I wanted to write a collection of dreams I have had in the distant past, maybe someone has had similar dreams that has been drawn to this article. 

When I was about 5 I remember this dream I had while staying with my dad. I even remember the bed I was sleeping in and the colour of the blankets. In this dream I am with my daycare teachers and friends and we are on a big snowmobile on arctic ice. The  ice on the tundra was cracking and a huge portion of ice was being pushed up towards the sky, then as if it was in slow motion a giant Dolphin jumps out of the ice with this anger in its eyes wanting to drown us. Pretty sure I peed the bed that night too considering dolphins have always been one of my favourite animals. 

Past Dream #3

In this dream I was in a highland area looking out onto a lake, the moon was reflecting in the lake. In the middle of this hidden lake was a massive vertical rock face with an opening towards the top. There were stones that you had to jump onto to get across to this cave. I was with my bf in this dream. So we jump across and then we were magically at the opening at the top. When I looked into it at first it looked like outer space with a bunch of stars inside. We went in and then we were in a place that had a bunch of floating chairs and table and a red rug, I even remember seeing my friend Amanda from high school. I felt like I was in Ireland or Scotland. 

September 14th, 2016


September 12th-17th 7 Day Energies Reading

Monday Sept 12th : 1.King of Stones #hardiness vs #prosperity (#possession, #excesses, #rewards) 

2. Four of Wands: #reward

3. The #high #Lord of #gratitude and #service (#selflessness, #humility, #conscious #action) 
Tuesday Sept 13th, 2016 

1. Priestess: #intuition and #reflection (#thoughtfulness, #reflection, #stillness, #secrecy, #passivity, #purity, #waitandsee 

2. Five of Pentacles: #abandonment 

3. The lady of Lightning: #surprises, #sometimes #shock, #totalparadigmshift #paradigmshift 
Wednesday Sept 14th, 2016

1. Three of stones: #effort and #approval (#contracts, #critics, #critiques) 

2. The #World: #regeneration 

3. The #Phoenix: #resurrection, #surrendertochange 
Thursday Sept 15th, 2016

1. Five of Cauldrons: #loss and #regret ( #upset, #dejection, #obsessions) 

2. King of Wands: #practicality 

3. The Resting Tree: #patience, #stillness.
Friday Sept 16th, 2016 

1. Ten of Swords: #finality and #consequences (# justification, #results, #aftermath) 

2. The #Vortex: #temptation 

3. The #Dragons #Duel: #inner #conflict #morality #conscious #choice
Saturday Sept 16th, 2016

1. Ace of Stones: #ownership and #empowerment (#power, #strength,#suitability)

2. Nine of Swords: #anxiety 

3. The #Cosmos: #creativity, #vastness 
Sunday Sept 17th, 2016 

1. Ten of Stones: #greed and #attachment (#Burdens, #longterm #exhaustion #financial) 

2. #Wheel of #Fortune: #destiny 

3. The #Eyes of #Beauty: #positive #expectations #clarity 

Past Dream with no Date #2 

This is a dream I had a couple of years ago. I was on a floating island in the sky but it was dark out and I could only see black sky and the green of the grass and a Rhino looking creature was chasing me. I got to a bridge that look really unsafe that was going to be my only option to get away. Then out of no where a white dragon that looked like Falcor from the never ending story was there and was telepathically telling me everything is going to be okay. 

Dream log #2 August 28th/2016

When I woke in the morning I remember seeing a mini horse in my dream and that was it. Later on in waking life I watched the latest episode of Ancient Aliens called the returned. While watching the show I had a flash of my dream last night and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and above my left eyebrow I saw a thumb sized indent that looked like the indent vaccination people from the 70s got for tuberculosis. When the flash back happened and I continued my show they went on talking about ETs leaving a sub dermal mark on abductees bodies. That was a really interesting expieience. 

Dream log August 26th/2016 

Dream log 1: Had a dream of my little cousin Sam laying on her left side with her bf. I then message my cousin later on that day and told her about my dream and she says that is the side she sleeps on and the side of the bed was right too. 

Later in the dream we were outside of a baseball diamond stadium and I kept yelling for My bf to wait for me. He got into a bunch of army vehicles with his buddies and took off. I remember screaming for him to wait for me. I wasn’t sure if he was in the baseball diamond or not. I remember seeing my dad go in. I remember giving a 10 dollar bill but only it was smaller. In this baseball field people were getting on a spaceship.