Dream Log October 1st 2016

Had a dream last night I was in these cabins above the ground, in this valley looking place there was a forest when you go up the mountain. I felt like I had this similar dream in a similar place. I remember seeing Lauren with her new baby. I remember a door opening up and a a bunch of girls came out wearin sexy green and black but they looked like teenage girls. Then out of no where someone yells that there is a cougar in the area and I remember hearing it growl. Then My son starts running down the hill and i drop everything to grab him before this cougar does. 


Dream Log Sept 28th/2016

Last night I had a dream I was setting up a shop and there was this one old big antique golden ornament thing had a part you can take off the top. I remember someone walking by the front of the shop and stepping on a toy and then stumbled. I also remember seeing a basement with these large pipes and I was about to fall forward but my shirt got caught on something to the right of me. Then I was flying around and came up to this weird looking square looking building and then I’m flying around and end up at a big pool. 

Past Dream March 2012

So this dream was back in March 2012, and I was in the backfield at my mothers house. I i’m looking up at the sky and I see a big silvery bird looking flying object and it looked like the Pokemon Skarmory that starts morphing into different shapes all of a sudden I am then shielded in a big purple orb. This bird like steel looking ship lands about 100 feet in front of me and out of it comes these tall men one was younger and had a long brown beard and had big beautiful eyes. He was wearing robe like clothes almost like togas but more futuristic. The other tall man was older with white hair and a white beard. I asked them while are you and why are here? What is going on? The spoke to me telepathically and said, there is a list. I then asked what does that mean, and then I woke up. But I woke up sweating and my heart racing now because it felt so real and lucid vividness. I ran to the bathroom after having a cigarette and then puked my brains out and sweating profusely. That was a very big turning point in my life but I will continue onto this when I write my book. 

Dream Log Sept 18th, 2016

Last night I had a dream I was in a snow cave that I had built and there was a polar bear that was trying to get in. Later on I was being chased by these skinny neck raptor looking creatures that would glow purple and blue lights from them. There was way more to the dream but I really can’t remember at the moment. 

Past Dream #6

I was outside of earths atmosphere looking down at earth. There were 2 satellites on both sides of me orbiting the earth. One of them had a blue laser trailing behind one and the other had a red laser trailing behind it going in opposite directions. I heard a voice say one was the past and the other was the future and these satellites were measuring timelines. 

Past Dream #5

It looked like I was in a cave or underground. I was lookout to these huge cruise ship looking things but they were like submarines. Within this cave were all these tunnel looking places with little shops but these tunnels and streets were made of limestone. I remember running away from something and there was a panic. This dream then continued at a different date and I was on a makeshift raft going through this limestone city really fast because there was water rushing through the city. I get out of this cave city and I am brought to a beach with Greek columns in the ocean and a boy was looking for his pet but his pet wasn’t anything I had seen before. I can’t describe what it looked like. There were other people in the water panicking and the water was getting higher and rougher. 

Past Dream with no Date #2 

This is a dream I had a couple of years ago. I was on a floating island in the sky but it was dark out and I could only see black sky and the green of the grass and a Rhino looking creature was chasing me. I got to a bridge that look really unsafe that was going to be my only option to get away. Then out of no where a white dragon that looked like Falcor from the never ending story was there and was telepathically telling me everything is going to be okay.