Water Poem

Water o water 

How you amaze my soul

You morph and change just

Like a butterfly 

Going from liquid to gas 

You make it last 

So ancient yet so pure 

Your mystery is so obscure

You make it your mission 

To flow with your rhythm 

Your colours are divine and murky at the same time

Your magic within 

Keeps me alive 

You taste so perfect 

And wash away lies

From the inside

So take a dive into the blue

You will see that inner truth. 


The Ocean needs our help

As a child I have always loved the ocean and the beautiful mysterious creatures that inhabits the deep blue. At the age of 7 I became extremely curious about whales, dolphins and sharks. There was something about these creatures that resonated with me on a level I cannot explain, even to this day. I remember when I was in elementary school I had such a passion for it that I had convinced my teacher to teach a subject on ocean animals. I was obsessed with the movie the Little Mermaid as a child too. I’ve had many dreams of being near or in or above water. To me this is a clear indication my soul is gravitating towards my purpose. 

Yesterday, I watched a video, here is the link. http://youtu.be/EepCmXOSa-w

When I was finished watching this video I was filled with so much anger and frustration and sadness all at once, typically I don’t allow myself to feel those feelings by avoiding the negative problems in the world, but this was different, this was a realization that a creature like a dolphin which I consider an Angel of the ocean, decides to commit suicide. That statement in itself shouldn’t ever be a reality, but many of these gentle giants of our seas are doing this to make a statement. The statement is heartbreaking that they are beaching themselves to end there poisonous lives that we have created in our oceans. Plastic to the nines, sonic wave testing that is blowing the whales brains out, oil being spilled, our shit being put in there, bodies, and more chemicals from our cleaning products. We are literally giving the ocean cancer, why don’t people care? Why are we all so ignorant that the blood of our earth is tainted in death. I cannot sit here and do nothing anymore because I hear these animals cries in my dreams and in my thoughts. It’s unacceptable anymore and there has to be a better way. Stop the wars, stop making guns, stop making products that do not help the greater good. These animals need our help, I fear they have had enough torture in the whale collective that they gave up on the humanity of humans. I for one have not lost that humanity, that love for the beauty and intelligence of these creatures. There is so much we can still learn from them and still the United States continues to lead the rest of the world into ruin and Chaos because there is not humanity left in America government and the shadow behind it. They only seek to hurt and kill for their material gain, and in the end care about nothing and no one other than themselves. 

Do you know how close science is to communicating with a Dolphin? Pretty damn close, do you know how amazing it would be to openly communicate with a dolphin and have it talk to you. We could explore so much more of our oceans and its secrets that have been lost in time with dolphins. And not hold them against their free will but them help us out of the curiosity we both share as a sentient beings. Now I know what you are probably thingking right now, who does this person think she is? She doesn’t have a degree in marine biology or any science degree, how does this have anything to do with anything. And I say it has everything to with the evolution of our species and along with dolphins evolution. I won’t get into detail at the moment but I want those of you, who have read this to look up the key points of this article that might have resonated with you. From there the flow of the astral ether will take you where you need to be. 

Past Dream #11

I was in a building with huge bay windows that could withstand the ocean Waves. My step father was there with me and we are looking out into the distance, the sky was greyish, dark blue and out of the clouds was an etherized looking cloud streaming down from the darker clouds. I look to my step dad and say what is that? What’s happening? Then he says something like “it’s as if the angels are coming down from heaven” then I woke up from the dream after that. 

Past Dream #10

I was in a deflated raft with my boyfriend and a great white shark kept leaping out of the water around us, I remember panicking and feeling it rub up against my leg, my boyfriend in the dream was all calm and told me not to worry. We row to show of this mountain face and dock inside this mountain opening that was just at the surface of the ocean and mountain. We go inside and see all these guys in lab coats pulled out these huge steel really cold looking containment containers that had weird looking fish and creatures. We were then sitting in this metal sitting area and these scientists saw us and weren’t bothered by us. So we then had to choose people to do something with us out of the other people that were in the Dream too. 

Poem #1

Take it in The sound of your truth

Let’s begin

This path to take us through
Through the pain

Of that first love

On a journey of

Everlasting impulse
The heat of those moments

You want to forever stay

Make no mistake 

They will take your mind away

To a place where we find bliss in an abyss of tricks 
Take a look in the mirror 

Is this who you want to be

Do you see how you can be free 

Sing a song of love 

Love can be freedom

Love can be truth