The Force of the Divine working with the moon

There is a divine force at work today, there will be synchronicity’s that seem too good to be true and this could come up as doubt. This divine intelligence works with the unconscious mind continuously, and this can bring up past thoughts and old fears that hinder growth. This is a new beginning bringing the cause and effect of your creativity and adventures to come, to be woven into the web of creation and amplified by the moon. We are now given the chance to grow, blossom and shine into a new existence of success within the souls expansion of what is possible. Welcome to the lions gate! Peace, love! Namaste! ❤️✌️🙏

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7 Day Reading Sept 19th-25th, 2016

Monday Sept 19th, 2016 1. Three of pentacles-recognition 

2. The eyes of beauty-positive expectations, clarity 

3. Page of stones-duty vs obligation (unexpected help, volunteerism, selflessness) 
Tuesday Sept 20th, 2016 

1. Seven of pentacles-potential 

2. The lady of the gift-generosity

3. 6 of stones-aid and assistance (accepting aid, graciousness, lending a hand) 
Weds sept 21st, 2016 

1. Page of swords-Gossip

2. Rainbow Prince-compensation, perseverance, 

3. 9 of swords-shock and surprise (variance, transformation, disappointment)
Thursday sept 22nd 2016 

1. Eight of cups-change 

2. The metal king-discipline, armor, boundaries

3. 3 of stones-effort and approval (contracts, critics, critiques) 
Friday sept 23rd 

1. Queen of cups-sensitivity 

2. Gaia’s Garden-fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

3. lovers-romance and choice (passion, partnership, love, dating, courtship, attraction, commitment, unity) 
Saturday sept 24 2016 

1. Five of wands-competition 

2. Web weaver-synchronicity, divine intelligence, cause and effect

3.chariot- fame and momentum (progress, achievement, reputation, swiftness,efficiency, momentum) 
Sunday sept 25th 2016 

1. Knight of cups- proposals 

2. The Sun Dancers- joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance 

3. 10 of cauldrons-home and family (joy, completion, giving thanks)